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Commercial Stretcher Service is most needed when a citizen becomes ill in a foreign country, or a foreigner needs to be repatriated.

However, Commercial Stretcher Service is ONLY available on international flights via a few selected commercial airline companies.

We furnish a dedicated section on the commercial airplane, such as a Boeing 747, to have the patient on a stretcher with our medical crew and medical equipment.

The patient will be isolated from the rest of the passengers on board. We will assign the crew based on the illness and the needs of the patient.

We also provide any and all ground support needed to embark or disembark from the commercial airliner’s airplane.

The big advantage of transporting a patient on a commercial stretcher is the cost savings of the service. The price could be about half of what a private air ambulance would cost.

However, it takes about five to seven (5 – 7) working days to coordinate for this type of transport.

Certain restrictions do apply. Please contact us for further details.


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