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Lifelink EMS offers one of the largest fixed-wing fleets in Western Canada enabling us to meet a wide variety of transfer needs. This allows us to directly oversee operations and uphold the highest standards of care.


medivac_217410285BE3B-Medevac-CabinAirAmbulance-inside Learjet configurationAircraft Interior





Our impeccably maintained fleet provides reliable and economical service. Worldwide missions are possible with our extended range Learjet, Series 36. This coast-to-coast capability reduces the number of refueling stops and saves valuable hours, which significantly reduces overall operating costs.


Lifelink EMS provides a large fleet of fixed-wing dedicated air ambulance aircraft that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and medical staff.

At Lifelink EMS we are at your disposal, 24 hours a day, to accommodate all your air ambulance needs to the maximum level of safety, comfort and efficiency.

Each air ambulance flight is fully equipped with state-of-the-art mobile ICU medical equipment along with highly qualified and specialized medical personnel to care for the patient’s needs.

Aircraft Interior Schematic 2   Aircraft Interior Schematic



Aircraft Interior









Lifelink EMS utilizes two different kinds of aircraft: pressurized turboprops and jets.

Pressurized turboprop aircraft (such as Beechcraft King Air) are designed for medium distances and the jet aircraft (such as Lear and Citation) are for longer distances and faster transports.

They are:

King-Air-350-ER-1   King Air 2

King Air 1


Lear Jet 3                   Lear Jet 2


Lear Jet






Aircraft use the advanced air medical system which allows us to transport medical patients anywhere in the world. Certified Flight Paramedics and EMTs are in attendance on all missions and Registered Nurses or Respiratory Technicians are available as required.

Lifelink EMS works with two local air ambulance services:

Sunwest Home Aviation and

Kenn Borek Air Ltd.

All planes are fully-equipped, flying intensive care units with international capabilities. Pilots are highly experienced in domestic and international flight operations.

The aircraft is configured to transport one patient, up to three medical Personnel and, where space permits, up to three family members.

All aircraft are under regular maintenance programs designed by the manufacturer and government regulatory agencies to ensure safe air ambulance transport.





At Lifelink EMS we offer several Jet Aircraft models.


Lear 35 and 55

Lear Jet 3



Lear Jets are a good choice where time is of the essence or where long distances are involved. Capable of quick evacuations at altitudes up to 45,000 feet (Lear 35) or 51,000 feet (Lear 55) and cruising speeds up to 860 km/h (540 mph) the Lear jet can be used for longer range missions such as to or from Eastern Asia, Central & South America and the United States.

Cessna Citation II
The Cessna Citation II is a twin engine jet aircraft capable of flying at speeds up to 670 km/h (420 mph) and at altitudes of up to 43,000 feet. The Citation has a high safety record of any small jet and can land at airports which are too small for other jets. The Citation can carry one patient, two medical crew, and up to two family members. The Citation II has a range of 1600 miles nonstop and provides airliner-like comfort.

The Lear jet aircraft has long been the leader in high performance air ambulance aviation.

The reasons for its popularity are many: unparalleled range, proven reliability under the most strenuous conditions, the highest quality construction, a comfortable customized cabin, quiet, dependable and efficient turbofan engines and, of course, mission flexibility.

For Lifelink EMS mission’s applications, Lear jets are configured to house sophisticated airborne and medical equipment.

King Air 200

King Air 3 200 - 3    King-Air-350-ER-1

Beechcraft King-Air 200
The King-Air 200 is recognized worldwide as the most versatile and rugged turbo-prop aircraft ever built. It can accommodate one patient, a medical team and three family members. The King-Air 200 can cruise at speeds up to 480 km/h (300 mph) and at altitudes of up to 31,000 feet which allows it to fly above most bad weather and turbulence. This aircraft offers an economical alternative for medium to long distance missions which require extra space.

Beechcraft King-Air 100
The King-Air 100 is wide bodied and designed for passenger comfort. It reaches speeds up to 425 km/h (260 mph) and has a range of approximately four hours, making it a suitable plane for short to medium range flights. The aircraft has room for one patient, two paramedics and 2 family members.

This highly versatile charter aircraft is capable of operating from short airstrips with heavy loads over long distances. Powered by jet engines that turn propellers, this reliable and fast aircraft is capable of obtaining high altitudes in pressurized comfort. Our King Air is equipped with many safety features including all weather instrument capability, weather radar, Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS), Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), Radar Altimeter (RA), and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).

Manufacturer: Raytheon Type: Twin engine turboprop

Speed: 288 mph Range: 1,300 sm

Ceiling: 25,000 ft Runway Required: 3,000 ft

Gross Weight: 12,500 lbs Passengers: 12

The propjet aircraft fleet consists of the models King Air 90 and KA100. Propjets aircraft are excellent for midrange transfers with multiple passengers. The King Airs provide better efficiency, a roomier cabin and a greater payload than its jet competitors. And it offers all these advantages at a lower cost.

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