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Lifelink Medical Services has a reputation unrivaled anywhere in Western Canada for providing the very best on-site medical standby services to motion picture and television production companies. Studios, sound stages and location sites can be dangerous places but Lifelink’s extensive experience in providing medical services on these sites enables it to provide the kind of unique coverage production facilities require. Lifelink Personnel are experienced in motion picture and television set procedures, they know how to take direction from television and film production Personnel and they understand and respect the additional needs of a large and complex production. Lifelink has the experience, the equipment and the expertise to help you meet the unique challenges of your industry. With Lifelink Medical Services on your production site, you have one less thing to worry about.

Medical Equipment Props and Extras

Motion picture and television productions which portray Ambulance attendants and Paramedics in action usually want to “get it right.” That’s where Lifelink Medical Services can help. We can provide consultation services to help your performers portray EMTS’s, Paramedics and Nurses accurately. We can also provide you with specially-trained Personnel to act as extras if you don’t want to use your own actors. And we can provide real emergency medical equipment to be used as props and we can show your actors how to use it properly. If your production involves the portrayal of EMT’s, Paramedics or Nurses; “getting it right” is as simple as having Lifelink Medical Services on set.

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Some of the Movies, Televsion Series and Film Productions, we or our staff have been involved with:

Pet Heroes    Pet Heroes 2008-9-10

Wild Roses - 2008-9    The Truth Below - 2011Fallout Asylum - Mutant World - 2014


Tucker and Dale vs Evil - 2009  Santa Baby 2 - 2006  Snow 2 Brain Freeze - 2008    Easton meets West - 2007


Passchendaele - 2007   Passchendaele war-mud-392









Open Range - 2003     Monte Walsh - 2003  The Last Rites of Ransom Pride - 2008  Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee - 2006



Open Range - 2003 (2)    Heartland - 2007-8    Brokeback Mounatin - 2005



Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - 2005   Don't Cry Now - 2006    Chicks with Sticks - AKA Hockey Mom - 2003-4  A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride - 2008
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